The team at CNC Design Ltd will be exhibiting in the Innovation Quarter at EMEX 2020 and will demonstrate how a robot cell with the ability to work in water spray areas (Humid Environment Robot) can be cleaned and how it can clean products. Great for the food industry and parts cleaning applications. 

CNC Design is constantly looking for new and innovative products and concepts to enable New Zealand manufacturers to compete in the global market. To that end; 

There will also be a live demonstration of Mindsphere - an app-based industrial cloud, “single point of truth” for production and facilities data as well as a Digital twin system. (The digital twin system allows designers to simulate production conditions to fine-tune the system and allows for continuous improvement of production flows) 

CNC Design realises that stakeholders are bombarded with vendor-specific interpretations of acronyms such as Industry 4.0, Digital Twin, Edge computing and many others, without specific examples of what these technologies could mean for their business. We will provide examples of these technologies in order to explain how New Zealand businesses can benefit from these technologies. 

The Innovation Quarter will attract forward-thinking visitors who want to understand emerging innovative concepts and how they will be implemented in the next generation of manufacturing equipment. 

We look forward to seeing you there. 

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